Jaime Grego Chair of Healthcare Management

Jaime Grego Chair of Healthcare Management

"The healthcare system faces the triple challenge of solving the equation of better health, lower costs and improved care."

Professor Núria Mas


Key topics in the debate on sustainability such as population aging, financial pressure and new technologies are reshaping the healthcare marketplace. Our healthcare systems were designed when most health concerns and spending involved acute conditions. Today, with the growing prevalence of chronic conditions, reconsideration has to be given to the way healthcare is being provided.

Created in 2014, the Jaime Grego Chair of Healthcare Management has close ties to IESE's teaching and research activity in health economics. Under the directorship of Professor Núria Mas, the Chair carries out research projects and generates knowledge in health economics and policy that contribute to the Chair's mission.

The mission of the Jaime Grego Chair of Healthcare Management is to advance in the development and dissemination of knowledge in the areas of health economics and health policy. The Chair’s research findings aim to help transform the healthcare industry by providing a new, integrated framework for healthcare innovation and management. Both IESE and Laboratorios Leti share the premise that market forces in healthcare are changing and society expects firms and institutions to react to these challenges.


Prof. Núria Mas