José Felipe Bertrán Chair of Governance and Leadership in Public Administration

José Felipe Bertrán Chair of Governance and Leadership in Public Administration


In today’s globalized world, it is not only companies that are competing. It is also economies and, therefore, public administrations. Undoubtedly, an efficient public administration translates in the short term into social progress and a substantive improvement in the competitiveness of the economy.

The José Felipe Bertrán Chair of Governance and Leadership in Public Administration was established with the goal of developing a conceptual framework and the purpose of promoting profound and rigorous reflection on public affairs that will translate into management improvements that will impact competitiveness.

The chair is held by Santiago Álvarez de Mon, Professor of Managing People in Organizations.

The creation of this chair was possible thanks to the financial contributions and support of José Felipe Bertrán de Caralt. This chair is the culmination of IESE’s extensive experience developing leaders in the field of Public Administration. Among other initiatives, the school has offered several custom programs for different institutions:

  • World Bank
  • Bank of Spain
  • State Ports of Spain
  • Government of the Community of Madrid
  • Government of Catalonia
  • City Council of Madrid
  • City Council of Valencia 
  • Ministry of the Interior
  • Social Development Program of INALDE in Colombia 

During the 2007-2012 academic years, IESE offered, together with the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, the program Driving Government Performance. The courses were attended by 60 high-ranking public officials from Europe. Furthermore, 800 participants have attended the Leadership Program for Public Sector Management over its nine editions.


Ángela Gallifa
Coordinator of the Chair