Schneider Electric Sustainability and Business Strategy Chair

Schneider Electric Chair



Ph.D. Course: "Strategic CSR and Sustainability” 

Firms are increasingly incorporating social issues in their strategic agenda. This has come about as a result of the increased awareness in society of phenomena such as climate change, water stress, depletion of natural resources, pollution, shifting demographics, poverty, inequality and so forth. The scope and scale of these developments challenge market rules and create new success factors for the survival of individual companies. In this context, corporations need to develop new competitive competencies to recognize and address emerging threats and to leverage any opportunities that emerge from society’s quest for sustainability and survival on this planet while securing the survival and profitability of their own. However, the creation of a sustainable competitive advantage remains the "holy grail" of managerial decision-making. The goal of this course is to tackle social issues in management from a strategic perspective.

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