SEAT Chair of Labor Relations

SEAT Chair of Labor Relations


In order to improve the outreach and quality of its research, the SEAT Chair of Labor Relations has developed a number of different educational and promotional activities, including:

Annual Conference on Labor Relations in Europe
The 3rd Annual Conference on Labor Relations in Europe took place on February 25, 2004 in Madrid, Spain. During the conference the results of the study “The Incorporation of Women in the Labor Market: Personal, Family and Professional Implications, & Structural Means for Improving Work-Family Balance.”

National and International Seminars

  • Labor Relations in Europe throughout the 1990s, Madrid
  • Towards a New Form of Labor Union in Europe, Madrid
  • Business Management Compensation (Salaries) and Education, Buenos Aires
  • Integration of Staff in Businesses, Madrid, Barcelona & Buenos Aires
  • From Quality Circles to Participation Groups, Barcelona
  • Teamwork: A New Concept for Participation, Madrid & Lisboa
  • The Challenges and Future of Labor Unions, Madrid
  • Ground Zero Collective Bargaining, Barcelona & Madrid
  • How to Implement Change in Your Organization, Madrid, Barcelona & Lisboa
  • Human Resources in 21st Century Businesses, Madrid, Barcelona & México
  • Managing People in Spain and Latin America, Miami, May 2003

Open Classroom
Sessions are geared towards human resources and labor relations directors and will focus on cases highly relevant to businesses.

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