SEAT Chair of Labor Relations

SEAT Chair of Labor Relations


The SEAT Chair of Labor Relations seeks to develop a new model for labor relations that fully responds to the social and economic needs and realities of businesses in the 21st century.

In recent years, businesses have come to play a key role in the development of nations. Today, virtually all social life revolves around business activity in some way or another, and businesses are universally recognized as a generating source of wealth and well-being.

Innovative technology has revolutionized the field of the production of goods and services, bringing with it new forms for understanding business and its activities. This transformation of business, which accelerates every day, requires new frameworks and ways of thinking in the areas of social and labor relations that respond to current problems and provide adequate channels and approaches to more properly address the concerns and aspirations of different people and social groups.

The growing importance that human resources and labor relations have acquired for the present and future of our society, especially in the area of business, inspired the academic institution IESE, and the business SEAT, to work together and pool their resources in 1988 in order to promote better understanding and social development.

The contribution of new ideas and approaches that help produce improvements in the area of labor relations constitutes the basic nucleus of the Chair’s activity.


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