Acceptable Use of Information Resources

Most of the library's electronic information resources are licensed from commercial providers under legal contracts. They are to be used for the purposes of personal academic study and development only. Under no circumstances should they be used for commercial gain. Users should check the terms and conditions of each information provider for detailed information.

Copyright regulations must be followed when making copies of publications and data.

Library Policies

The Library's services are restricted to professors, students, IESE's staff, Alumni and IESE Members. IESE ID Card is needed to get into the Library.
Users are expected to behave in a courteous manner, respecting other library users at all times. The Library is a place for study and research. It is important for all library users to maintain a quiet study atmosphere. Spaces have been classified as follows:

- Quiet zone

• Whispered conversation 
• Mobile phones on vibrate
• Use electronics with earphones

- Silent zone

• No conversation
• Mobile phones turned off
• Use electronics with earphones only if they do not create a noise others can hear

Show care for resources and equipment. Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is not permitted anywhere on the premises. Drink within the Library is accepted, within reason, with containers disposed of promptly. Food is not allowed anywhere in the Library.
For the sake of all users, study tables cannot be reserved. Please, do not leave your personal belongings on the table while you are out.
Books consulted in the Reading Room must be left in the returning sections. Never put them back on the shelf.

Material requested for loan must be registered at the Library desk before leaving the area. Loans must be made personally; you are not allowed to take out documents under another user's name. 

Contact Info

IESE Library

  • +34 93 253 42 00 Ext. 504423 (Barcelona)
  • +34 91 211 30 00 Ext. 513215 (Madrid)