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Brian O'Connor Leggett
  • Brian O'Connor Leggett

  • Emeritus Professor of Managing People in Organizations

  • Ph.D. in Corporate Communications
    Master of Arts in Rhetoric, Philosophy, University of California
    Bachelor of Law, London University
    Inns of Court School of Law, Gray's Inn, London

Areas of Interest

    * The use of rhetoric and the dialectic in the communication process.
    * The practical application of rhetoric and the dialectic in management situations
    * The relationship between communication and organisational commitment and identification.
    * The role of language in interpersonal relationships.

Brian Leggett is Professor in the Department of Managing People in Organizations. His areas of interest include the use of persuasion (rhetoric) and dialectic in the management process; the practical application of persuasion and dialectic in management situations (as in effective corporate-speech making and in the area of conflict); the relationship between organizational communication, commitment and identification in organizations; the connection between leadership and communication; and the role of spirituality in the creation and preservation of managers' long term personal credibility (ethos).