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  • Miguel Ángel Canela

  • Associate Professor of Managerial Decision Sciences

  • PhD in Mathematics, Universitat de Barcelona
Miguel Angel Canela teaches mathematics and statistics on IESE's Ph.D. Program at IESE. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from the Universitat de Barcelona and has been a professor in the Faculty of Mathematics of this university for the last thirty years, as well as a senior consultant and director of the Master in Quality Management at the Institut Català de Tecnologia.

After some years devoted to research in mathematical analysis, Prof. Canela's interest was driven towards interdisciplinary research. His research experience covers a wide spectrum of applications, from statistics and mathematical modeling to diverse fields such as biochemistry, botanics, nutrition and medicine. His main concern, however, is management science. He is the author of several papers on pure mathematics and has coauthored three books and a number of papers in various other fields.