CIF - Center for International Finance


About Us

IESE - CIF is an interdisciplinary research center with an international outlook focusing on finance research with the aim of becoming a point of reference and one of the leading centers of finance research in Europe.

Since it was founded in 1992, CIF has contributed to developing research at IESE, which has been one of the school's strategic priorities over the years.

Mission and Objectives

The center's mission is to contribute knowledge and improve business practices in the field of finance and economics.

Our objective is:

  •  To promote activities related to the academic community through regular, dynamic interaction between entrepreneurs and managers.
  •  To generate and disseminate ideas through international publications, workshops and conferences.
  • To have a real, effective impact on society through companies' everyday activities.

CIF is governed by a Management Committee and an Advisory Council. 

The Management Committee of CIF approves new projects and guarantees adequate communication between the academic staff and the sponsor companies. Moreover, it evaluates the quality and degree of progress of the projects underway. It is comprised of the following members: 

Juan José Toribio

José Luis Suárez 
Academic Director 

Jorge Soley

José Manuel Campa

Pablo Fernández

Rosa Magan

Amparo Vassallo  

The Advisory Council of CIF comprises the representatives of sponsor companies, members of the Management Committee and the Academic Staff. 

Jaime Kirkpatrick

José Leo
Finance Director at AENA

Pedro Mateache 
Partner, President A.T. Kearney Spain & Portugal

Gonzalo Alcubilla
Head of Corporate Banking, Bankia

Gustavo Trillo Garrigues
Director Comercial, Bestinver

Alberto Placencia 
Partner Global Financial Services, EY

Carlos Martínez Echavarría 
Member of Board, Fundación Ramón Areces

Adolfo García Nombela 
Head of Finance & Insurance, Endesa 

Ignacio Eyries
Chief Executive Officer, Caser Seguros

Ernesto López Mozo
Chief Financial Officer, Ferrovial Group

José María Corominas
Chairman and CEO at Sievert Partners

Carlos Perelló Yanes
CEO at Natixis

César González-Bueno
CEO Spain & Portugal, ING


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