CIIL - International Center for Logistics Research

Josep Valor Sabatier

Prof. Josep Valor

About us

Logistics is the area of the company concerned with managing the positioning of materials in time and space, with the primary goal of enabling transactions between vendor and customer.

Logistics is an important - often the most important - part of the product's value chain. Due to the high costs and investments involved, efficient management of means and resources usually has a highly significant impact on companies' overall efficiency.

The International Center for Logistics Research, CIIL, has been formed with the vocation of supporting the senior management of companies operating in any industry and of any size, helping them to competitively leverage this situation of change, and making available to the business community the latest knowledge on Integral Logistics management. With this mission, it will carry out research, training, promotion and communication activities, in cooperation with internationally renowned academic institutions.

CIIL is run by a Management Committee which organizes the center's projects, approves its annual activities and budget, and ensures their completion. This committee is made up of: 

IESE Associate Dean for Faculty and Research 
Josep Valor 

CIIL Academic Director
Marc Sachon 

Likewise, CIIL has an Advisory Board which annually brings together the representatives of the center’s sponsoring companies (DHL, Miebach and SAP).