CRHIM - Center for Research in Healthcare Innovation Management

CRHIM - Center for Research in Healthcare Innovation Management

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IESE and Health Management: A Rich Expertise

  • Building on and fit with IESE activities. Business schools in general, and IESE in particular, are well positioned to take a leadership role in research and knowledge development in the area of healthcare innovation by building on their expertise in the industrial sector and incorporating the perspectives of different stakeholders to frame current healthcare problems, foster the development of innovations and provide indications as to how to achieve and implement them.

  • The CRHIM builds on the extensive health-related activities of the IESE faculties of different departments (Operations Management, Economics, Information Systems, Marketing, etc.) and also provides links to other initiatives active at IESE, such as the CSR, the Center for Social Entrepreneurship, the Network of African and LAC business schools and the SPSP, etc. The CRHIM’s common platform will allow for synergies, the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and the ability to jointly take advantage of opportunities, thereby contributing to IESE’s socially responsible approach. 

  • The CRHIM builds on more than 30 years of IESE health-sector activities that started in the 1980s, when IESE was asked to help build managerial capabilities in the different regional governments of Spain, to assist in setting up modern management structures in hospitals, to design hospital and primary-care reimbursement systems in Catalonia, and to review the reform process of the Veterans Administration’s health systems in the United States. In the 1990s, it spearheaded several projects in the E.U.’s Phare Program by providing technical assistance to health-sector reform in E.U. countries and acting as consultants to the European Union in the accession/enlargement process. In the late 1990s, IESE faculty members advised the Spanish Parliament’s Commission on health reform, while in other geographical areas it collaborated with the Peruvian Social Security Institute and the World Bank in other Latin American countries, India, China and Africa. Advice is provided on a regular basis to the European Commission’s DG Sanco and DG Research: evaluation of research projects (FP5, 6, 7, PHP), the Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI): Socio Economic Evaluation and First Interim evaluation; and the design of research to support innovation in medical technology areas. Health-related E.U.-sponsored research projects have included: FP6 Europe for Patients (e4p) and Health Research for Europe (HR4E). Other consulting work was carried out with the Brookings Institution, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, HIMSS, the World Bank and the Grameen Foundation, in addition to the teaching activities at IESE (MBA and health executive programs); China (CEIBS); South America (IAE, IEEM, IDE, etc.); Africa (SBS, LBS, etc.) and Europe (LBS, LSHTM, MHH, University of Maastricht, SMBS, MCI, etc.). Other areas of interest include health-system reform, patient mobility, risk management, patient safety and quality management, operation management and optimizing the healthcare value chain.


Center for Research in Healthcare Innovation Management
IESE Barcelona - University of Navarra

Chiara Baudracco 
Project Coordinator