CRHIM - Center for Research in Healthcare Innovation Management

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Prof. Jaume Ribera | IESE Business School
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03/03/2016 Barcelona What will the hospital of 2030 be like?
29/07/2015 Barcelona A Summer of Innovation in Health Tech

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The Center for Research in Healthcare Innovation Management (CRHIM) implements excellent research in innovation management in healthcare.

  • A IESE – Accenture collaboration, the CRHIM brings together faculty and experts in the field of innovation in healthcare, building on IESE’s insights in health management and Accenture’s wide‐ranging experience in improving performance in the industry. The centre undertakes research and develops tools to facilitate the uptake of innovation in technologies and managerial practices across the entire health care value chain. 
  • By increasing managerial knowledge and capacity, CRHIM enables health sector actors to address challenges and realize opportunities to deliver better, more effective and affordable healthcare. 
  • The research, analysis, and debate CRHIM generates contribute to shaping real practice and policy throughout its large network of institutions, public and private actors from developed and developing countries.


Center for Research in Healthcare Innovation Management
IESE Barcelona - University of Navarra

Chiara Baudracco 
Project Coordinator