ICWF - International Center for Work and Family

ICWF - International Center for Work and Family


The Human Ecology Theory
The philosophical base of the ICWF research is based on the assumption that managers are not only responsible for the profitability of their companies, but also for the positive and negative effects that decisions produce in different environments: business, family and society.

Corporate Family Responsibility
It promotes leadership, culture and corporate policies that facilitate the integration of employees´work, family and personal life.

Career Paths
It studies the design and development of career paths and leadership skills in order to excel in personal and professional life.

Women and leadership
This line of research analyzes and promotes professional advancement of women and the integration of different areas of their life in order to achieve their full development and contribution to the family, the company and society, in cooperation with men.

The ICWF bases its research in an anthropological framework in which people are at the center of business activity.

Companies are responsible for both: the external environment and the human or internal one. Both of them are affected by their actions. No decision is neutral. All of them strengthen or weaken values and thus, the human and social environment in which they are taken.

Maximize short-term profits as the primary or sole objective supposes to destroy the ability to generate profits in the long-term. It can also easily lead to corrupt environments and aggressive behaviors. By contrast, when the company is focused on meeting the real needs of internal and external customers, companies adopt socially responsible practices, taking into account people as integrated human beings and, therefore, the company is more competitive and sustainable and also society increases its human and social capital.


International Center of Work and Family (ICWF)
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