IME - Institute for Media and Entertainment

IME - Institute for Media and Enterntainment


IESE, which seeks to be a thought-leader in media and entertainment management, partners with the Institute for Media and Entertainment to carry out numerous initiatives. These activities include research projects and high-level executive education programs aimed at helping industry executives expand their knowledge and strengthen their leadership skills.

The IME operates in four lines of work: research, education, dissemination and relations.

Research projects examine the major goals of media groups, advertising agencies and entertainment industry. They pay particular attention to competitive changes caused by technological, legal, demographic and economic innovations, as well as the analysis of changing business models in all these sectors.

In this area, of particular importance to the IME is the collaboration of leading institutions in the field of research, for jointly conducting industry reports that analyze specific points of interest to society throughout the wide range of media, advertising, marketing and entertainment.

Projects led by the IME

White Book of the Press

The EMI has been carrying out, along with Deloitte and Carat, the last 12 years the White Paper of the Press, edited by SAFE, which lists all the main economic and professional data of Spanish newspapers. The book also offers a collection of articles and research by academics and top professionals living in Spain and abroad.

Green book on Commercial Television

For six years, the IME, along with Carat and Deloitte and commissioned by the UTECA, has published the so-called Green Book on Commercial, which provides key data related to advertising, audience, content, legal regulation on commercial television in Spain. The book includes studies and research led by prominent national and international professionals, addressing the main issues of the Spanish audiovisual sector.


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