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Handball Club

The Club's mission is to give the international IESE community the chance to play this vibrant and energetic team sport. Since Handball is mainly played in Europe, most students have no prior knowledge about the sport but find it entertaining and challenging at the same time. Handball is an indoor game that is played in two teams of seven. It requires both physical fitness and intelligence. Also, it is a very fast sport with almost full body contact, which makes the sport very exciting. As a team sport it supports all kinds of interpersonal skills - and blind understanding among the players is one of the goals of the frequent training sessions. Last but not least, going for joint team dinners after training sessions is an essential part of living the Barcelona culture and foster team spirit among the IESE students.

Events and Activities:

  • Weekly training (Physical excercise, technical practice and tactical discussions)
  • IESE's Spring Games and the MBAT
  • Occasional games against other local teams

Club Email:

Club Officers:

  • Michael Dallala
  • Moises Borrell