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The Africa Initiative

Our Mission

We have a clear mission: “Helping to develop sustainable business leadership in Africa in order to have a positive and lasting impact on African society.”

We contribute toward this mission by supporting our network of associated business schools in Africa, developing both academic and research materials about Africa, and acting as a hub where managers and business leaders around the world can share their experiences and knowledge about the continent.

A 20+ year-long involvement on the continent

Internationalization has been one of the key characteristics of IESE since its founding in 1958. IESE’s participants, research and faculty have always had strong international components. Over the years, IESE itself has developed internationally, expanding to Brazil, Germany and the United States, among other locations.

In addition to its own organic growth, IESE has contributed to the creation and development of 18 other business schools throughout the world.

Initially, such associated business schools were mostly created in Latin American due to obvious reasons of culture and language, but over the past two decades, IESE has put significant emphasis on Africa.

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