Business model innovativeness: Designing a formative measure for business model innovation < Volver

Abstract: Business model innovation attracts rising attention within corporate practice and academia, in particular as a responsive measure to environmental turbulence. Despite high levels of interest in the phenomenon, no common understanding of the concept's meaning has yet been established hindering dialogue and progress in this research field. Aim of this study is to build a definition of business model innovation, and to provide a measurement index for the degree of innovativeness at the business model level. Based on business model and product innovation literature, business model innovation is conceptualized as a 'new-to-the firm' change that affects at least one out of three business model dimensions: value offering, value creation architecture, and revenue model logic. Based on a study among 200 German firms, this study further conceptualizes business model innovativeness as a formative construct comprising three dimensions and nine indicators. The study additionally emphasizes the opportunity-centric potentials of business model innovation as well as the potentials of integrating findings form related research streams into business model innovation research.

Coordinator: Prof. Govert Vroom and Prof. Massimo Maoret

Speaker: Prof. Sabrina Schneider, EBS University for Business and Law, EBS Business School

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