Boehringer Ingelheim Research Fund

Director: Antoni García Prat

The Boehringer Ingelheim Research Fund, created in 2018, is dedicated to research and education in healthcare innovation and management, and aims to contribute to creating efficient, patient-centered healthcare systems for the future.

The Boehringer Ingelheim Research Fund has created the program Changing Health: Leading Transformation of Healthcare Management, centered around the concept of value-based healthcare.

The pandemic has highlighted the need to improve the processes of providing healthcare services. There are many changes taking place around the world. In particular, there is a trend to rethink processes and the handling of care and, in particular, to structure the human and material means around the patient, moving beyond models centered on medical specialization.

From industry and academia we can contribute to major changes in the healthcare system in the benefit of patients. Boehringer Ingelheim wants to support this change, both in the organization of healthcare and in the efficient use of resources, to guarantee 360-degree care for the patient.

Head of Fund

Antoni García Prat is a Senior Lecturer in IESE’s Accounting and Control Department. He is a specialist in the healthcare industry, in which he has held top managerial positions, both in the public and private sectors. Prof. García Prat earned an MSc in Health Services Administration from Harvard University and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Universitat de Barcelona. He has conducted extensive consulting work in healthcare in Spain, Latin America and Eastern European countries on behalf of local governments, the European Commission and the World Bank.