Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Analysis of Business Problems

• PhD. Business Administration, Stevens Institute of Technology
• M.S. Engineering and Technology Innovation Management, Carnegie Mellon University
• B.Sc. Digital Systems, University of Piraeus

Prof. Kyriakou is an Assistant Professor at the IESE Business School, where he focuses on the intersection between collective and artificial intelligence. The overarching goal of his research is to provide insights into how organizations can create value beyond their typical boundaries and processes. His work and research have focused on crowd and AI enhanced product development, blockchain startups, as well as companies including Facebook, Kickstarter, Yelp, and Twitch.

His work has been supported by numerous organizations including the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Spanish government. Part of his work has been published in the leading business and information systems journals and conferences, including Academy of Management Review, MIS Quarterly, and the International Conference on Information Systems.

Prof. Kyriakou is also serving as an advisor to the European Commission on topics related to digitalization. His research has received best paper awards from the Academy of Management (AoM), the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), and a best dissertation award. He has also received an outstanding associate editor award from the Academy of Management (AoM). Kyriakou holds a Ph.D. from Stevens Institute of Technology, an M.S. from Carnegie Mellon University and a B.Sc. from the University of Piraeus.

Areas of interest

* Artificial & Collective Intelligence
* Blockchain & Distributed Platforms
* Open Innovation & Crowdfunding
* Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
* 3D Printing & Open Source Hardware


Journal Articles (refereed)

GREGORY, R. W., HENFRIDSSON, O., KÁGANER, E., KYRIAKOU, H. (2020). The Role of artificial intelligence and data network effects for creating user value. Academy of Management Review. doi:10.5465/amr.2019.0178. (Online first)
HUANG, P., KANKANHALLI, A., KYRIAKOU, H., SABHERWAL, R., BUSH, A., RAI, A. (2018). Knowledge Management. MIS Quarterly Research Curations.
KYRIAKOU, H., NICKERSON, J. V., SABNIS, G. (2017). Knowledge Reuse for Customization: Metamodels in an Open Design Community for 3D Printing. MIS Quarterly, 41 (1), 315 - 322. doi:https://doi.org/10.25300/misq/2017/41.1.17.

Working Papers

KYRIAKOU, H., MAJCHRZAK, A., WAREHAM, J. (2021). The Role of polycentric governance technologies in digital knowledge commons.
GENC, Y., KYRIAKOU, H., MARUPING , L. (2021). Understanding the role of network structure in the dissemination of cryptocurrencies.
CHONDRAKIS, G., KYRIAKOU, H., PRATTO, M., RINGOV, D. (2021). Platform competition & the impact of algorithmic governance on Apple's App Store.
GENC, Y., KYRIAKOU, H. (2021). Diffusion of blockchain based innovations. An informational cascades perspective.
KYRIAKOU, H., LEE , H., GENC, Y., MARUPING , L. (2020). The Effects of novelty. Density and metaknowledge on digital market entry. Academy of Management Journal.


KYRIAKOU, H. (2020). How self-regulation affects sharing markets. Analysis using a quasi-natural experiment. ICIS 2020 Proceedings. Association for Information Systems.
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