Assistant Professor of Marketing

• Doctor of Business Administration (Marketing), Harvard Business School
• Bachelors of Arts (Economics and Public Policy Studies), Duke University

Kate Barasz is an Assistant Professor in the Marketing Department at IESE Business School. She teaches Marketing Management in the MBA Program.

Broadly, Kate’s research examines the unseen and unanticipated causes and consequences of choice. One stream of research examines choice from the decision-maker’s perspective; for instance, how and why does uncertainty cause people to hope for objectively worse outcomes. Another stream of research investigates choice from the observer’s perspective: what do we infer about other people-their preferences, motives, and personality-based on the choices we see them make. She is particularly interested in the applied domains of medical decision making and charitable giving. Her work has been published in academic journals including Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Journal of Marketing Research, and Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

Kate holds a B.A. in Economics and Public Policy from Duke University and a Doctorate in Business Administration from Harvard Business School. In addition to her academic experience, she also worked as a consultant in Bain & Company’s Boston and Atlanta offices.

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