Luis Manuel

Senior Lecturer of Strategic Management

• Master in Business Administration, IESE, University of Navarra
• Degree in Physics, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Luis Manuel Calleja is a Senior Lecturer in the Strategic Management Department of IESE Business School. He earned his MBA at IESE after having graduated in physics at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Prof. Calleja has held various management positions in the sectors of financial, industrial and professional services. In his role as a consultant, he devised strategic plans for banks, insurance companies, numerous European and American cities, as well as public social bodies.

He also teaches corporate policy at the IEEM of the University of Montevideo, AESE in Lisbon, Fundación Bravo Murillo in Las Palmas, ISE in Sao Paolo, ISEM in Madrid, San Telmo de Sevilla, Angola School of Management in Luanda, and MDE Business School (Management et Développement d?Entreprise) in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, among other institutions. He has been involved in executive education since 1989.

Prof. Calleja is the author of 35 cases, 100 technical notes and several book chapters and journal articles. Recent examples include “Gobierno institucional. Dirección colegiada” (Institutional Governance: Collective Leadership) (2015), “Personal Flourishing” (2014), “É possível aprender a dirigir?” (Is It Possible to Learn to Lead?) (2013)t and the chapters he contributed to “Ideas para construir Escuelas de Pensamiento” (Ideas for the Creation of Schools of Thought), 2006, etc.

He is a regular speaker at the Latin American Management Seminar and the San Telmo International Institute?s International Meetings of Business Policy Professors.

In November 2006, he presented his research on the implementation of strategic urban plans at the Second International Forum on the Urbanization of Small and Medium-Sized Cities.

Areas of interest

* Institutional configuration of companies
* Application of the IESE conceptual model of governance to public institutions
* Types of collective decision making; collegial governance