De la Cierva

Senior Lecturer of Managing People in Organizations

• Doctor in Philosophy, University of Navarra
• Degree in Law, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela

After his graduation in Law and his Ph.D. in Philosophy, Yago de la Cierva has dedicated all his professional life to the four branches of communications: journalism (he founded and directed the international TV news agency ROMEreports), corporate communication, university teaching and as a crisis consultant, with particular emphasis in universities and educational institutions.

His main professional interest is on crisis management and communication. He teaches this subject at the MBA program, in custom programs and as a visiting professor in Navarra, Colombia, Perú, Uruguay and Rome.

His last book is Leading companies through storms and crises, Pearson, London 2018, recently published also in Spanish: Navegar en aguas turbulentas – Principios y buenas practices en gestion y comunicación de crisis (KDP, 2020). He is now working on his new book: How to ask for pardon and be pardoned – best practices in corporate apologies (Eunsa, 2021).

In IESE, Yago is the academic director of the MBA and MiM courses on communication skills. His new subjects at the MBA program are “Storytelling in Business” and “Public Affairs and Reputation”.

His second field regards large events organization as a communicational tool. After his experience as Executive Director of World Youth Day Madrid 2011 and international media director in other large-scale events, he published Megaevents of the Catholic Church – Logbook for organizers and communicators, KDP, 2018 (available also in Italian and Spanish), and teaches “Events organization” in Rome.


Journal Articles (refereed)

DE LA CIERVA, Y., RICO MÉNDEZ, S., GUZIK, P. (2021). A university crisis provoked by an online class. A communications case study on a social media turbulence. Church, Communication and Culture, 6 (2), 327-359. doi:10.1080/23753234.2021.1967177.

Articles in other publications

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