Financial Markets Guide

Financial Market Data

The Terminal is a 24-hour, global financial services system. It features company financials, market data spanning more than 20 years, charts, statistics, a communications platform and current news reports.
Available only from the Barcelona Library.

Daily data for international equities, bonds, currencies, commodities etc.
Historical data up to 15 years. Download or chart. This is a major financial research database. For full details see Datastream User Manual.
Available exclusively from Barcelona and Madrid Libraries (through Thomson Reuters Eikon).

Thomson One (IE Browser only)
Daily data for international equities and equity indices. Historical price data going back 30 years. Technical analysis. Market news and events.
Available on and off campus.

Warehouse of financial, accounting, banking, economics, and corporate governance databases. It is accessible through a single Web-based interface.

CRSP (you need to obtain your WRDS account)
Contains security-level historical pricing, returns, and volume data on more than 20,000 stocks (inactive and active companies) from the NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ markets.
Monthly data goes back to 1925. Daily data goes back to 1962 depending on exchange traded. Also includes U.S. market indices, treasuries, and mutual funds, and a merged database with S&P’s Compustat data.

FactSet Ownership (you need to obtain your WRDS account)
Provides global institutional, mutual fund, and stakeholder, and float-related share ownership information.

Thomson Reuters Eikon
Real time data for international instruments and markets.
Available only at the Barcelona and Madrid Libraries.


Company filings & Financial statements

Thomson One (IE Browser only)
Search by company name. Go to Company views> Filings> Company filings


Investment Analyst Reports

Thomson One (IE Browser only)
Company and sector reports from financial analysts.
Once on click on Screening & Analysis> Research> Research Search

EMIS (Emerging Markets Information Service)
Includes reports for companies and sectors in 60 emerging markets.
Select the market you are interested in, click on “Reports” and then limit by “Publication type” “Analysis/Research”.

Type your company’s ticker, then hit the yellow EQUITY key, then type ANR and hit the green GO key.
Available in Barcelona library.


News & Articles

Use the “search” option to find news
– Direct link to Last week Commodity/Financial Market News
Select the Markets tab. First-time users must register (ask staff for registration here). (Use restricted to: IESE MBA Students, Professors and Staff).

Find specialist investor magazines and journals:

Business Source Ultimate

See Journals & Articles guide


Financial Services Sector

Search for “Financial Services” in the text search box, limiting by Industry.

Thomson One (IE Browser only)
Industry reports from financial analysts.
Screening & Analysis> Research> Research
Search by industry: Banking

Select Companies/Markets> Industry Snapshots
Select Banking or Banking/Credit and click on “Analysis and Profiles”.

Search for Industry>Consumer Finance.

Analysis of technology’s impact on Financial Markets and Services:

Search for “Financial Services” in the advanced search. First-time users must register.

Search for “Financial Services” in the search research box. Registration required with IESE account email.



OECD iLibrary
Includes: Financial Market Trends.

Banco de España

European Central Bank

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