Ready. Safe. Go.

We're in person and on campus

At IESE we’ve made holding in-person classes one of our top priorities. We re-opened our main campuses in June 2020 and we’ve been going strong ever since. But if you can’t make it to campus, we’ve got you covered as well. Our limitless learning model guarantees that everyone can learn and participate, wherever they are.

How classes are working

We’ve prepared our spaces so that participants on campus and those studying remotely can enjoy a collaborative, fluid and interactive experience.


Here’s a look at these hybrid classes:

Professors are delivering class from the classroom, together with participants who can attend in-person classes.

Participants who connect remotely can follow the discussions, blackboards, screens and any other materials used through the Zoom platform.

 Cameras, screens, speakers and microphones have been installed so that professors as well as participants in the classroom can interact with peers at home in real time and with maximum fluidity.

 All boards have been covered in black vinyl to make them easier to read in digital formats.

To guarantee distance between people, only seats which can be occupied will be left in classrooms.

On-campus participants must wear masks during class as a security measure.

Professors will not wear masks in order to facilitate speaking, but they will move within a limited area in the classroom to maintain more than 2 meters of distance.

All participants will receive detailed instructions to prepare for their sessions before their program starts.

 A technical support team will be present in every classroom to guarantee the smooth functioning of each session and to handle any unexpected incidents or needs of participants.

New online programs, just in time

New online programs, just in time

The coronavirus crisis has helped inspire us to innovate and improve our online methodologies. We’ve developed new materials and programs that respond to the new situations and challenges our managers and businesses are facing.

Check out our full portfolio of online programs.


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