Protocol for Serological Testing of IESE Employees

(Last update: June 9, 2020)

All IESE employees* (including lecturers teaching classes at this time and MRM and PhD students) are required to undergo serological testing before returning to campus. IESE will cover the cost of these tests.

If you have had a PCR test with negative results in the last week, it is not necessary that you undergo serological testing.

You must be tested in the following cases:

1. One week before returning to campus. You will receive the results around 4 days after testing.

2. When, after undergoing testing on first returning to campus, symptoms are detected during the screening at the entrance to campus or if the health questionnaire denied you access.

3. When it has been more than 7 days since you were last on campus and you have not filled out the health questionnaire during that time. In order to avoid having to repeat the test (to maintain it “live”) we recommend that you complete the health questionnaire once a week. This way, you can access campus without having to repeat the test.

Instructions for serological testing:

1. Request an appointment here

To ensure the validity of the test results, which is for one week, we recommend that you:
– Access the appointment form two weeks before you plan on returning to campus.
– Choose an appointment date approximately one week before your planned return to campus.

Tests will be done by the Laboratorio Echevarne.

IESE will attempt to group together appointments on certain dates in order for the tests to be carried out on campus. (See the initial test days below). If there are not enough appointments on a given day, the Health and Safety Service (People Area) will send you an email informing you so that you have time to do it in the Laboratorio Echevarne on those days or you can sign up for a different date on campus.

To know whether enough people have signed up to do the testing on campus, you must sign up before midday on the Friday before the test date.

To summarize: You should set up an appointment two weeks ahead of time, and have the test done a week before you return to campus. For example, if you will return the week of June 15, you should undergo testing the week prior (June 8-10) and request an appointment before June 5 at midday.

2. When you make the appointment, IESE’s Health Service will generate a medical prescription that you must bring with you to campus or to the Echevarne Laboratorio the day of the test. This prescription will be sent to you via email as soon as the request is received if you are having the test done outside IESE, and a few days before your appointment if you’re having the test done on campus.
While making the appointment, you’ll also be required to authorize access to your test results by a member of IESE’s Occupational Risk Prevention.

3. You must bring your DNI, your official health card* (CatSalut card in Barcelona and SaludMadrid card in Madrid), and the prescription on the day of the test.

*If you don’t have a health card, you must provide your social security registration number.

4. You should refrain from eating six hours before the time of the test.

5. You must go to:

– Barcelona campus: health center located in the former logistics office in Av. Pearson 23
– Madrid campus: Room 104
– In the Laboratorio Echevarne clinics, only the ones that appear in the list.

6. Laboratorio Echevarne will send the results to your mobile phone approximately 4 days after testing.

7. Introduce the test results in the health platform to be able to access campus. The platform will be available starting June 15, the first day that access to campus will be controlled.


BarcelonaEchevarneProvenza, 312 – Bjs08037Mon - Fri: 6-20 h / Sat: 8-13 h902 525 500
BarcelonaConsultorios Clínica Sagrada FamiliaTorras i Pujalt, 11-2908022Mon - Fri 8-14 h902 525 500
CastelldefelsEchevarneAvda. Constitución, 185-
187 Bjs
08860Mon - Fri: 7-20 h / Sat: 8-13 h902 525 500
GranollersEchevarneGirona, 66-68 Bjs08402Mon - Fri: 7:30-14 h / Sat: 8-13 h902 525 500
IgualadaEchevarnePlaça Cal Font, 208700Mon - Fri 7:30-14 h / Sat: 8-13 h
902 525 500
MataróEchevarneSant Antoni, 11 Bjs08301Mon - Fri: 7:30-19:30 h / Sat: 8-13 h902 525 500
Sant CugatEchevarneMartorell, 20-22 Local08172Mon - Fri: 7:30-14 h y 16-19 h / Sat: 8-11 h902 525 500
TerrassaEchevarneC/ Galileu, 325 Local C08224Mon - Fri 7:00-14 h / Sat: 8-13 h902 525 500


BarajasCentro Médico BarajasAvda de Gando, 1 (Bahia Center)28042Appointment917 462 195
Madrid EchevarneVillanueva, 928001 Mon - Fri: 7:30-15:30 h / Sat: 8-12 h 912 094 000
Madrid C.M. MaestranzaTéllez, 3028007 Appointment915 020 301
Madrid Centro Santa EngraciaSanta Engracia, 12128003 Will open soon911 108 147


If you will return to campus shortly, you can choose one of these dates to do the test on-campus:

• Barcelona campus: June 10, 11 and 17
• Madrid campus: June 10

If you’re unable to be tested on these days, you must go to the Laboratorio Echevarne.

Remember to confirm availability and whether you need to schedule an appointment beforehand.

*Including all professional groups and faculty