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Prepared for the next phase


We’ve prepared our facilities and our teams for a gradual return to campus, with the flexibility the current moment requires. Our campuses are ready to return to in-person classroom activity. And we are, too.



  • During the quarantine, we’ve carried out a thorough disinfection of all the campuses.
  • We’ve surveyed all campus spaces so as to limit capacity and guarantee social distancing, as required by government authorities. You’ll find posters clearly marking the recommended number of people permitted in each space (e.g. classrooms, work rooms, dining rooms and common areas).
  • We’ve closed certain areas, and marked paths (for coming and going) to minimize circulation inside buildings.
  • We’ve installed temperature control cameras at the entrances to campus and parking garages to detect access by symptomatic people.
  • We’re also installing air purification kits using RCI “ActivPure” technology to guarantee clean indoor air using natural activators and, in turn, to protect against viruses and bacteria.


Telematic control

  • We’ve created an online platform to process campus access. Through a simple QR, the system will include a questionnaire that will control access to campus for those who meet requirements.

Flexi-work and work-family balance

  • We’ve begun the gradual return to campus for teams essential to carrying out on-site program activity.
  • IESE remains mindful of situations arising from the family and domestic responsibilities of its employees and it encourages flexible schedules for its employees. Team shifts and employee schedules are being arranged to avoid large concentrations of people.

Hybrid methodologies

  • During confinement, we’ve adapted our programs so that they can be completed online.
  • IESE faculty members have been trained in the best online teaching practices, and program coordinators have served as moderators and audiovisual producers to improve the experience of participants taking classes remotely.
  • All students and participants who are unable to return to the classroom for health reasons or because of travel restrictions can continue with online classes.


We’re available to help you in the de-escalation process. If you are in a program, consult your director. If not, send your inquiry to backtocampus@iese.edu and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

All set to return to campus