IESE Visitors Protocol

(Last update: September 29, 2021)

IESE has designed rigorous health and safety protocols to keep its campuses safe, based around controlled campus access. All visitors must follow our protocols before their visit and while on campus. Only those who are fully vaccinated or who can show a negative COVID-19 test will be allowed on campus.


1. Check our protocols related to health and safety on campus at:

2. Do not come to campus if you are running a temperature (above 37ºC), or have any possible symptoms of COVID-19.

3. In the 24 hours before your planned visit to campus, fill out this health questionnaire in order to obtain your QR code.

  • When you fill out the questionnaire, you’ll be asked whether you have a meeting with someone or are attending an event. If you have a meeting, you’ll be asked for the name and email of the person you’re seeing. If it’s an event, you’ll be asked the name of the event.

4. Upon arrival on campus, you must check in with security or reception, which will ask you for proof of your COVID-19 situation. That means you will have to present one of the following:

  • Proof that you’re fully vaccinated;
  • Proof that you’ve had COVID-19 and have had a negative PCR post-COVID-19;
  • Results of a serological test with anti-bodies present, or a negative PCR or antigen test.

5. You will be given a visitor card and the IESE employee who has invited you will be notified.

6. Once the IESE employee welcomes you at the entrance, you can access with your QR code and go through the temperature control point. If your temperature exceeds 37ºC, your temperature will be taken a second time with a more precise portable device. In the event that your temperature is above 37°C, you will not be allowed to access campus.

7. Wearing a face mask is obligatory in all indoor spaces.



The IESE employee who invites a person on campus will be responsible at all times for:

  • Making sure that their visitor has no symptoms.
  • Ensuring that the visitor follows all safety measures on campus.
  • Ensuring that the visitor remains on campus for less than 4 hours.


1. The employee (faculty or staff member) who is handling the invitation must send the following health questionnaire to the visitor.

It is important to remind the visitor that they will be asked to show proof of vaccination; a negative PCR test after having COVID-19; or a serological test with anti-bodies present. Visitors who don’t have any of the above documentation, for events with catering services, will be asked to take an antigen test within 24 hours of coming to campus.

2. The questionnaire will send a QR code to the visitor and an email to the faculty or staff member to inform them of the upcoming visit.

3. Upon arrival on campus, the guest must check in at the entrance and provide proof of their COVID-19 situation (vaccination certificate, proof that they’ve had COVID-19 or a negative test result). They will be given a visitor’s card (on the Barcelona campus). The guard or receptionist will notify the IESE employee to pick up the guest at the entrance. If the employee is not immediately available,  another person from their team should be sent to receive the guest, who will be responsible for the visitor at all times.

4. The guest will then be able to access the campus with their QR code and will go through the temperature control.


Dining services:

  • Visitors will only be allowed to use IESE’s dining services if they are accompanied by the person who invited them to campus.
  • Visitors and employees must follow table occupancy levels indicated in dining areas.
  • When eating or drinking standing, distances of 1.5 meters should be maintained.