Center for Corporate Governance (CCG)

Generating impactful ideas grounded in evidence-based research to advance the theory and practice of governance and offer practitioners insights for their decision-making.

President: Jordi Canals

International Center for Work and Family (ICWF)

Helping organizations to create a family-responsible corporate culture, which we believe is essential for the well-being of societies, organizations, and individuals.

Director: Prof. Mireia Las Heras

Manager: Gemma Palet

International Center for Logistics Research (CIIL)

Supporting the senior management of companies of any size and in any sector, and seeking to leverage change competitively and to improve company operations continuously.

Director: Marc Sachon

Center for Globalization and Strategy (CGS)

Helping companies to understand and manage the impact of globalization, and to develop strategies of internationalization.

Director: Joan Enric Ricart

Center for Business in Society (CBS)

Promoting social responsibility and sustainable development in businesses, with a humanistic approach and an international scope.

Director: Joan Fontrodona

Puig Chair of Global Leadership Development

Creating a hub of knowledge and practice with international impact, to help understand and apply theory and management policy on leadership development by global companies.

Holder: Marta Elvira

Joaquim Molins Figueras Chair of Strategic Alliances

Generating and transferring knowledge related to the design and implementation of strategic alliances that enable companies to carry them out effectively.

Holder: Africa Ariño

Fuel Freedom Chair for Energy and Social Development

Mitigating energy poverty through research, energy education and knowledge transfer, in order to increase access to affordable fuels in developing countries.

Holder: Ahmad Rahnema

Crèdit Andorrà Chair of Markets, Organizations and Humanism

Researching fields related to markets, organizations and the human facet of companies, with special emphasis on the importance of people in business management.

Holder: Josep Maria Rosanas

Chair of Family-Owned Business

Promoting the success of family-owned businesses across generations, by analyzing issues such as governance, succession and growth management.

Holder: Josep Tàpies

Public-Private Sector Research Center (PPSRC)

Fostering cooperation between the private sector and public administrations, and encouraging the exchange of ideas and initiatives through dialogue, research and education.

Manager: Miquel Rodríguez

Institute for Media and Entertainment (IME)

Serving as a meeting point for the communications industry that aims to enhance media quality and competitiveness.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (EIC)

Creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, faculty, participants, students, alumni and anyone wishing to start a new business or invest in new business projects.

Center for Research in Healthcare Innovation Management (CHRIM)

Improving management knowledge within the health sector, through innovations in service provision and technology, alongside changes in the way care is provided and organized.

Center for Public Leadership and Government (CPLG)

Putting into practice the belief that an efficient public administration translates into social progress and a more competitive economy.

Executive Director: Cristina Sádaba

Center for Innovation Marketing and Strategy (CIMS)

Encouraging research that brings new insights to firms and enables them to extract more commercial and strategic value from their innovation efforts.

Center for International Finance (CIF)

Developing new finance tools and models to respond to the changes taking place in the sector and to the effects those changes have on business.

Manager: Rosa Magán

PricewaterhouseCoopers Chair of Corporate Finance

Advancing knowledge of the financial aspects of businesses, including the valuation of companies and their units and the financing of projects.

Holder: Pablo Fernández

IESE Foundation Chair of Corporate Governance

Advancing good corporate governance, the key to improving results over the long term and developing an organizational culture based on sound management, accountability and ethics.

Holder: Jordi Canals

SEAT Chair of Labor Relations

Seeking to develop a new model for labor relations that fully responds to the social and economic needs and realities of businesses in the 21st century.

Holder: Carlos J. Sánchez-Runde