17th Fashion and Luxury Goods Industry Meeting

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Main Themes

Show me the Money! Global perspective on the evolution of the industry

This panel, featuring experts such as Luca Solca (Paribas), Private Equity and corporate leaders, will discuss the current state of the industry and key challenges ahead.

The Talent panel

How has the role of talent changed in the industry? What are the companies doing to attract and nurture it? What can be done to make FLG companies the best companies to work for? This discussion will involve top HR executives from global fashion and luxury goods companies.

Retail Talent

This panel will feature global experts in fashion and luxury goods retailing, and focus on the challenges they face, with a special focus on the role and challenges of customer service.

Digital Talent

Featuring top executives in fashion tech, this panel will explore the challenges of scaling up global startups. Also we will consider the challenges traditional companies face in going digital.

Generation Z and Beyond

Fashion companies thrive on their ability to lead the evolution of taste through design and/or quickly interpret and respond changing trends. With top executives and marketers we will consider the mix of demographic and identity changes which will affect consumption in the future.


IESE Industry Meetings
M. Helena Andreu

Date and Venue

May 11, 2017

IESE Barcelona
North Campus
C/Arnús i Garí, 3-7
08034 Barcelona

How to Get to IESE Barcelona


The conference language is English. Simultaneous interpreting will be provided into Spanish.