3rd Chief Financial Officers Meeting

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Main Themes

The Economic and Financial Context after Brexit and Its Impact on Companies

Introductory or panel session on the economic situation in Spain, Europe and the world.

The Transmission of European Monetary Policy and Implications for CFOs
The impact of ECB monetary policies on companies. Through loans, the purchase of corporate bonds, financing with non-banking institutions. The success of these policies. Expectations. The impact on interest rates. The ECB agenda. How companies should behave in an environment with negative interest rates. How they should prepare and operate. The risks and interest rates they should accept.
Corporate Governance. Shareholding Structure and Financial Decision-Making

This panel will discuss general corporative governance topics, specifically:

  • Topics related to shareholder representation (proxy voting), board remuneration, passive/active shareholders, shareholder activism.
  • The role of funds in corporate governance. Cross-holdings.

Financial Models

The European private placement market: a competitive alternative for long-term corporate financing.

  • The European private placement market: recent market developments.
  • The European private placement market: Euro PP vs. Schuldschein vs. US PP (cross-border).
  • Comparison of the Alternative Fixed-Income Market (MARF) and the European private placement market
The CFO’s role in Digital Transformation

CFOs play an essential part in the corporate digital transformation process: they must understand the challenges, opportunities and risks of the digital environment to take joint lead in defining and implementing the business models that will enable their company to get the most out of the new digital era (blockchains, big data, analytics, mobility, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, social media and cybersecurity). CFOs have learned that going digital creates value. Therefore, given that CFOs are responsible for creating value for shareholders, it is only logical for them to be considered one of the chief leaders in the process of adopting new digital business models by actively participating as strategists or catalysts of the transformation and understanding the real application technological advances and the impact they have on business to be able to profit from the new opportunities they provide.

Financial Management and Talent Management

Financial functions and responsibility call for increasingly different profiles. Talent management is a major challenge in financial management departments.

  • The changing profiles and skills required to perform the job of the CFO of the future.
  • Digital finance: technology’s impact on people.
  • Creating loyalty and making the job of CFO more attractive to talent.


Lourdes Bosch
IESE Industry Meetings

Date and Venue

April 27, 2017

IESE Madrid
Camino del Cerro del Águila, 3
28023 Madrid

How to Get to IESE Madrid


The conference languages are English and Spanish. Simultaneous translation will be provided into both languages.