5th Chemical Industry Meeting

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With turnover of €56 billion, the Spanish chemical industry currently generates 11.5% of Spain's GDP and directly or indirectly employs more than 500,000 people. It is also the second-ranked industry in Spain in terms of exports. In 2012, it recorded more than €28 billion in sales on foreign markets, for which it dedicates more than 50% of its production.

The chemical industry has already surpassed its high turnover rate recorded before the onset of the economic crisis, largely due to its high level of penetration in foreign markets. However, long-term plans should also be implemented to reverse the steady drop in industry activity in Spain and Europe.

As indicated in the report "Horizon 2030 of the Spanish Chemical Industry," a strategic document prepared by feiQue, the Business Federation of the Spanish Chemical Industry, the chemical industry is expected to experience production growth of 4.5% per year until 2030. However, despite this general good news, competitiveness in Spain still has to be improved for the country to be able to absorb the global growth anticipated in the industry and attract new investments in production that lead to the generation of greater wealth and more jobs.

The aim of the conference Chemical Industry Road Map 2015: Fostering Investments is to analyze and discuss three main topics: energy, the competitiveness factor that has the most effect on cost structures in the chemical industry; designing effective industrial policies; and the methods and instruments that can be used to finance investment, innovation and the internalization of companies. Improving these three factors over the short term will make it possible to attract investments in production.

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