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The Annual Fund

IESE’s Annual Fund (AF) is an opportunity for an alumnus or friend to connect with the school by making a gift each year. As a source of unrestricted income, the AF supports all areas of the school, from financial aid to research. It is enormously important in two ways:

  1. It fills the gap between the IESE’s operating expenses and the revenue generated by tuition. The flexibility of these unrestricted gifts allows IESE’s leadership to address critical needs as they arise.
  2. It is an important benchmark of the school. Alumni participation in the Annual Fund is one of the key measures that various surveys such as US News & World Report consider when ranking colleges and universities.

Donors to IESE may also designate or "restrict" the use of their donations to a particular purpose or project. An example is a gift to a particular scholarship fund or to a general area such as research or entrepreneurship.

Donations to IESE can be made by check or credit card, mailed or electronically. They can also be done in one lump sum payment, in monthly installments, or for larger gifts, pledged over a period of years. Gifts can be made in cash, stock, options, property, or planned giving methods. Always check with your financial advisor on determining the value or deductibility of non-cash donations.

Please contact the Corporate Development Office with any questions.

If you wish to make a gift, please DONATE HERE