21st Food & Beverage Industry Meeting

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1998 · Innovation, concentrations and globalization: keys for the future
1997 · Living with giants
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1995 · Where are we going? Prospects for the last five years of the century
1994 · Strategies, new management techniques and concrete action plans to improve the balance sheet
1993 · Competing In the European Single Market: who will be the winners and losers?
1992 · The role of the industry and retail; the competitiveness of large and small companies: the search for synergies


Lourdes Bosch
IESE Industry Meetings

Date and Venue

June 8, 2017

IESE Barcelona 
South Campus
Av. Pearson, 21
08034 Barcelona

How to get to IESE Barcelona


The conference languages are English and Spanish. Simultaneous translation will be provided into both languages.