International Search Fund Conference 2015

Barcelona, April 24, 2015



Over the past twenty years search funds have been very successful in the United States and Canada. As an innovative way for a young entrepreneur to run his or her own business and a unique investment opportunity for investors, the search fund model has generated outstanding overall returns and is now growing in popularity in Europe and other parts of the world.

The International Search Fund Conference 2015 will be the first of its kind to be held in Europe with the aim of bringing together search fund entrepreneurs and investors involved in around 20 search funds in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

The conference is also designed to introduce the funded search model to aspiring entrepreneurs and investors interested in a new entrepreneurial investment model.

In addition to the program, this event will include opportunities for search fund entrepreneurs to meet with their investors, and investors to meet with each other and with different international searchers and to learn more about searches outside the United States and Canada.


IESE Business School has recently established a Search Fund Center committed to supporting entrepreneurs and investors from around the world who are engaged in search funds. Through our research, events, and network, we try to understand the specific challenges of search funds and provide resources to help entrepreneurs and investors make their decisions and successfully engage in this form of entrepreneurship.

In 2011, IESE agreed with the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) to identify and track international search funds. The latest note “International Search Funds – 2013: Selected Observations” was published by IESE in June 2014. IESE plans to update it biannually in concert with Stanford’s note on search funds in the United States and Canada and with recent data from international search funds as the number of search funds outside the United States and Canada increases.

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