Executive Coaching Symposium


IESE Executive Coaching Unit

IESE has been delivering first-class executive coaching to managers for more than 10 years.

Led by Academic Director Professor Alberto Ribera, the coaching unit’s primary aim is to be a development tool that strengthens and complements the learning of executive education programs.

The different activities organized by the IESE Executive Coaching Unit are:

  • Research on the foundations of executive coaching, the different assessment tools available, and the best methodologies in the context of a business school. The unit also studies the key factors that differentiate executive coaching from other learning methodologies (such as executive challenge, teamwork, and mentoring).
  • Workshops and meetings with other institutions. The coaching unit delivers a series of workshops and international meetings through close collaboration with other institutions, including the Institute of Coaching (Mc Lean Hospital, Harvard Medical School Affiliate).
  • The publication of cases and technical notes. Over the last 10 years, IESE’s coaching unit has published more than 30 cases and technical notes related to executive coaching and assessment instruments.
  • Management and coordination of coaching activities within IESE programs. These coaching activities include individual processes, team coaching, and assessments.