Executive Coaching Symposium

Executive Coaching Symposium


Barcelona, September 22, 2017



On September 22, 2017, IESE’s Barcelona campus will welcome guests for the 2nd Executive Coaching Symposium, organized by the IESE Executive Coaching Unit. Under the theme “Coaching for Executive resilience¨ the conference will commence with a session on the most common stress triggers, followed by an expert panel of CEOs, human resource directors and senior-level managers from a broad range of sectors.

Guest speakers will share their frontline insights and experiences with executive coaching and its pivotal role in helping managers develop the requisite resilience tools to cope with day-to-day professional demands.

In a dynamic and interactive forum, the Symposium will explore:

· How coaching can help managers reframe their current context and gain clarity about their priorities and long-term objectives through a heightened sense of awareness.

· The ability of coaching in enhancing leadership qualities, emotional stability, assertiveness, organizational skills, and performance psychology variables like self-efficiency and self-determination.

· The role of coaching to achieve a better work/life balance by leveraging proven stress-reduction tools and strategies that lead to enhanced wellbeing.

The Symposium reflects one of the Executive Coaching Unit’s central objectives, namely, to apply conceptual frameworks using highly practical methodologies. The gathering — which aims to become an annual event  — will harness the collective knowledge of business leaders, scholars and coaches, and include in-depth analyses on the latest research and academic publications.