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The Winning Strategy Can Be Yours

A strategic mindset is fundamental for long-term success in any type of organization. Through this track, you will sharpen your strategic thinking, as well as hone crucial knowledge to digitally transform your company and connect with consumers in a new way.

You will emerge from this track a stronger leader, better prepared to manage emerging technology and marketing trends.

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    Programs included in the Strategic Thinking Track

    The IESE Strategic Thinking Track is made up of six carefully chosen programs that can be taken over a period of 36 months in our Barcelona and Madrid campuses.

    • Ai

      Artificial Intelligence for Executives


      Artificial Intelligence for Executives

      In an environment shaped by rapid technology and process change, remaining competitive requires informed, innovative and future-focused leaders. So how do you streamline today while preparing your business for transition to Industry 4.0 tomorrow?

    • Lc

      Developing Leadership Competencies


      Developing Leadership Competencies

      Discover how to improve your leadership skills – identifying your strengths and weaknesses – and empower the individuals and teams in your organization to reach their full potential.

    • Gd

      Getting Things Done: Strategic Management


      Getting Things Done: Strategic Management

      Unlock the mysteries behind strategy implementation and discover the essential factors crucial in bringing about the successful execution of business objectives.

    • Dt

      Executing Digital Change: Data, Agility and Continuous Innovation


      Executing Digital Change: Data, Agility and Continuous Innovation

      Build new business, maximize profit and attract new customers no matter what new disruptive technologies come along.

    • Ss

      Sustainability & ESG: Design, Plan and Implement


      Sustainability & ESG: Design, Plan and Implement

      Sustainability is becoming a core topic in the strategic agendas of many firms. Increasingly, consumers, governments, civil society, and other stakeholders are demanding greater accountability from organizations.

    • Wn

      Winning Negotiation Strategies


      Winning Negotiation Strategies

      Winning Negotiation Strategies is a program that transforms a good negotiator into a great negotiator. A good negotiator is one who negotiates with reasonable success in normal situation.

    Track Benefits

    • 1 Improve your ability to craft and implement strategy.
    • 2 Formulate your digital strategy and develop an action plan to drive a digital agenda in your organization.
    • 3 Discover the pillars of effective social marketing strategies.

    Is This Track Right for You?

    The Strategic Thinking Track is designed for senior executives with extensive management experience. It is especially suited to executives responsible for driving strategic change initiatives within their organizations and those seeking to reinforce their leadership competencies, all in the context of an increasingly digital environment.


    Other tracks available

    • LT
      Leadership Track

      Refine your leadership style through self-knowledge and learn how to empower individuals and teams to reach their full potential.

    • ET
      Entrepreneurship Track

      Designed to help develop an entrepreneurial culture and innovation in your company and capture created value.

    • DT
      Digital Track

      Develop the digital mindset you need to take your business to the next level. Emerge equipped with a comprehensive toolkit to spearhead digital transformation and drive innovation in your company.

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