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Career toolkit: Finding a job in times of crisis

Finding a job is often tough. Job hunting in a crisis makes it all the harder. IESE Business School alumni who found work during the financial crisis offer their insights in our new career toolkit filled with advice, assessments and helpful insights.

Free Ebook. Tips and insights for your career during the crisis.

Download our new career toolkit for help navigating the job market during a pandemic. The coronavirus poses immense and unique problems for the job market. But people have had to find work in crises before. IESE is here to help you through the daunting process.

These are the contents you will find:

  • Practical advice for diagnosing your career situation
  • How to get yourself noticed by recruiters
  • Examples of how to nail a job interview.
  • Video insights and tips from people who successfully navigated the job market during the financial crisis.
  • Downloadable exercises and templates
  • Interactive self-assessment tools
  • LinkedIn profile tips


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