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Free business ebooks

There are moments in your career, in your day-to-day life, that you need help or improve some specific skills. A guide to the world of business and the executive life. Maybe you have started a new job as a top manager, maybe you need to gain skill making decisions. Perhaps, you need to look for new opportunities in your career, and the context is not helping. Tools like professional business ebooks can be very useful. They are small documents, with a practical approach and concentrated knowledge, that can solve and help you in specific aspects of your career as a leader.

Free business ebooks catalog

At IESE Business School we have created several useful ebooks to accompany you in moments when you need tools, a guide or to expand your knowledge and be better in aspects that have an impact on your work life.

You can consult here the information about the ebooks that we have developed and download them for free.

1. 8 decision-making pitfalls for executives.

2. The 10-Step Guide for Executives in a New Role.

3. Career toolkit: Finding a job in times of crisis.

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