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Artificial intelligence: 4 key questions every manager needs to ask themselves

Whether you are eager to automate every part of your business with artificial intelligence systems or you believe that we are moving towards a dehumanized, machine-governed future, you need to know that there is no going back.

Only a few decades ago, AI was just a mere promise embodied in science fiction stories and a few experiments. Now, it is conquering more and more applications and sectors. The main reason is that AI is now much more accessible to all types of companies, which can use basic models made up of algorithms that have previously been trained.

Against this backdrop, it is clear that artificial intelligence will have an increasing influence on all of us, both in our private and professional lives. We already know that AI is changing the nature of many jobs and that is main food is data, mostly from customers.

The 4 big questions about artificial intelligence

As the uses and implications of this emerging technology become increasingly diverse, it is imperative that managers interested in AI ask themselves some key questions to exercise ethical leadership, striving to preserve privacy, fairness, transparency, and trust.

In the following videos, IESE professors who are experts in the field look at 4 fundamental questions about AI that every manager should ask themselves:

1. Is AI good for the well-being of society?

The professor Sampsa Samila wonders whether artificial intelligence should be incorporated by companies in an organic way or regulated to the point of making it unusable.

2. What impact will AI have on wage inequality?

Professor Mireia Giné reflects on the consequences of the automation of jobs, whether they are more or less qualified.

3. Will machines surpass human intelligence?

Professor Javier Zamora asks what it would take to reach a turning point in the relationship between humans and AI.

4. How do we bring ethics and artificial intelligence together?

Professor Joan Fontrodona questions whether humanity should do everything that is technically possible or not.

Running a company in a world that is still being built seems an impossible task. With the right training, however, you will not only be able to transform your business and adapt it to this new technological scenario, you will also learn to face all the challenges posed by artificial intelligence.

IESE’s executive education programs include specific programs on the subject, including Artificial Intelligence for Executives and The Power of AI to Transform Your Business. And discover the Certificate in AI & Digital Transformation.

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