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5 reasons to keep networking during a crisis

How can you continue with your career development, despite the crisis? When looking for new professional opportunities, or just to stay abreast of what’s happening in your field, one of the main ways is by connecting with a range of people.

Times of crisis, more than at any other time, are when a solid network of contacts can help you launch your career, bringing to light those opportunities that have not been widely advertised and that are usually filled through personal contacts and recommendations. Therefore, it is very important that you work on the good relationships that could help you get a foot in the door.

Networking: ¿What is it?

In and outside of the business world, networking is an ability you must have in order to build your network of contacts. Those relationships that allow you to reach people with whom to generate opportunities, work, collaborate, consult, help and enrich your own reputation. The richer your network, the more value you will have as a manager, entrepreneur, businessperson or employee.

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Networking: job offers in a new job ecosystem

Where are the job offers? The COVID-19 crisis has created a new, more digitized work ecosystem, in which the traditional route of applying to published offers has ceased to have results. Your ability to network and work your network of contacts will allow you to access those hidden offers, increasing your possibilities, if you have the appropriate internal references.

Here, five aspects to take into account so that, in this process, you do not leave any stone unturned.

Start with yourself

Know yourself well: your knowledge, your skills … It is important to start from a point of self-diagnosis, which will help you set ambitious and realistic goals and effectively guide the relationship with your network of contacts. In times of crisis and a shortage of job offers, it is also very important to detect the points that you must reinforce to increase your chances of success.

In times of crisis, it is essential to continue working to expand the network of contacts.

Seek advice

Identify those around you who you can turn to for advice on how to expand that network of professional contacts. If you belong to an alumni association it may have a job bank and career services, which usually include connecting with people in the sector in which you are interested. The hiring of mentoring services is also a tool to consider in times of uncertainty such as the current one, as they help to strengthen confidence, offer emotional support and keep professional aspirations active.

Stay connected

Keep in touch with former colleagues or fellow students, build a relationship of mutual trust and they can be your channel to identify future job opportunities.

Stand out from the crowd

Applying for a job is usually part of a pile of resumes that recruiters must sort through. The best way to move your name to the top of the list is to have someone recommend it internally. Search as much as possible for a contact within the company to help you have more visibility. Professional networks like LinkedIn can help you identify which companies or recruiters are creating jobs despite the crisis. Connect with them with a personal, concise, individualized and sincere message.

Find hidden opportunities

Go beyond the obvious job search circuits. Self-nominations or working with a headhunter can be a way to locate hidden career opportunities. In this stage of uncertainty, be proactive and creative, to become the main driver of your job search.

Training: learn while you connect

Preparation remains the key to all success. Training in times of crisis can be a differentiating element in your job search. The quality executive training will allow you to turn your career if it is what you are looking for, access positions of responsibility and meet other professionals who can help you expand your contacts and references in a future process

Here you can find everything you need to know about networking and how to get a job in times of crisis. (Ebook)

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