Director of Business Ethics

Professor of Business Ethics and Analysis of Business Problems

CaixaBank Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility

CBS - Center for Business in Society

Doctor in Philosophy, University of Navarra
Master in Business Administration, IESE, University of Navarra

Joan Fontrodona Felip is professor and chairman of business ethics, academic director of the IESE Center for Business in Society and holder of the CaixaBank Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility at IESE. He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy and an MBA in Management.

The Center for Business Ethics (Bentley College), Harvard Business School and Universidad Francisco Marroquín (Guatemala) have all welcomed Prof. Fontrodona as a visiting scholar/fellow. He is the Chairman of Etica, Economía y Dirección (the Spanish branch of the European Business Ethics Network), and member of the executive committee of the Association of Spanish Entities adhering to the United Nations’ Global Compact (ASEPAM). He also serves on the academic board of the European Academy of Business in Society (EABIS). He is a member of Forética, as well as associate researcher at the Enterprise and Humanism Institute of the University of Navarra. He also serves on the Commission for Social Responsibility of the Board of Auditors Censors of Catalonia (Colegio de Censores Jurados de Cuentas de Catalunya).

Areas of interest

* Corporate social responsibility
* Business ethics policies and practices
* Anthropological and ethical foundations for management
* Ethics in decision-making
* Business and society relations