Head of Business Ethics Department

Professor of Business Ethics and Analysis of Business Problems

CaixaBank Chair of Sustainability and Social Impact

CBS - Center for Business in Society

• Doctor in Philosophy, University of Navarra
• Master in Business Administration, IESE, University of Navarra

Joan Fontrodona is professor and director of the Business Ethics Department at IESE Business School. He is also holder of the CaixaBank Chair of Sustainability and Social Impact and director of the Center for Business in Society (CBS). He holds a PhD in Philosophy (University of Navarra) and a Master in Business Administration (IESE Business School). Currently, he is member of the ABIS Board (The Academy of Business and Society) and member of the Executive Committee of the Spanish United Nations Global Compact. He also is a member of the commission for Social Responsibility of the Board of Auditors and Censors of Catalonia and of the Deontological Commission of FENIN. He was President of EBEN-Spain (the Spanish branch of the European Business Ethics Network) as well as of the Board Committee of Foretica, in representation of individual members.

He is the IESE representative at the Global Compact of the United Nations and at the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education.

He has written and collaborated to several books on Business Ethics and was a guest editor in several special issues of scientific journals, such as Business Ethics Quarterly, Journal of Business Ethics and, Business Ethics: European Review. He also is a member of advisory and editorial boards in different medias and publications related to Business Ethics and Social Responsibility.

Areas of interest

* Corporate social responsibility
* Business ethics policies and practices
* Anthropological and ethical foundations for management
* Ethics in decision-making
* Business and society relations


Journal Articles (refereed)

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Working Papers

MACGREGOR, S. P., FONTRODONA, J. (2008). Exploring the fit between CSR and innovation (DI-759-E).
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FONTRODONA, J., SANTOS, J. (2004). Clima ético de la empresa española: Grado de implantación de prácticas éticas (DI-538).

Articles in other publications

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Edited books

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Book Chapters

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Technical Notes

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