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Getting an MBA in Barcelona

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing one MBA (Master of Business Administration) program over another. One major consideration is where you’ll be living for the next two years. If you are wondering why it would be a good idea to study an MBA in Barcelona, here are all the advantages below.

Barcelona is a dream city for many, as it is home to business schools of recognized worldwide prestige, a well-established business and entrepreneurial ecosystem. It also benefits from a sunny climate, excellent gastronomy and a wide range of cultural activities. These factors have undoubtedly made this city a very attractive place for both students and workers. These are the reasons why this Mediterranean and multicultural city is the perfect destination for getting your MBA.

Your MBA in Barcelona: The city of entrepreneurs

Barcelona has a consolidated and very competitive business ecosystem, as well as one of the highest entrepreneurial activity rates in Europe, among which the following figure stands out: almost 12% of new businesses launched this past year were started by young people between the ages of 18 and 34. This makes Barcelona, along with its strategic location, an attractive hub for many investors, both national and foreign, which in turn favours job creation and job placement post-MBA completion.

On top of that, in the field of digital innovation and disruptive technologies, the city deserves a special mention: Barcelona is the 6th best-positioned city among the European hubs for startups and innovation, according to a report issued by Mobile Word Capital.

Job opportunities after studying an MBA in Barcelona

The Catalan capital has a rich business ecosystem, and today it is a thriving hub for start-ups and entrepreneurs, offering ample possibilities for job placement.

The number of start-ups based in Barcelona has grown by 75% in the last five years, in addition to having attracted a record annual investment of 1,479 million in 2021 alone, according to a study by ACCIÓ.

73% of emerging companies are characterised by having a portfolio of international clients that represent 47% of their turnover.

As if these reasons were not enough to convince a person of the business opportunities offered by the city, Barcelona was the fourth city in the European Union with the most financing rounds closed in 2021, just behind Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam.

Study abroad and live the Barcelona experience: here’s what it has to offer

Barcelona is also a very popular destination when it comes to choosing a city to study in, because as well as being a hub for business innovation, it stands out for its multiculturalism, offering numerous possibilities to surround yourself with people from different countries and cultures; to enjoy a wide range of leisure activities and exquisite gastronomy; and to enjoy a mild climate all year round accompanied by a perfect tandem of both sea and mountains.

These are the 5 advantages you will discover if you choose Barcelona as the destination to study your MBA.

1. The Catalan gastronomy

For food lovers, Barcelona is a true paradise. The perfect combination of tradition and the avant-garde, its culinary culture is hailed worldwide, and it is the birthplace of some of the most prized chefs in the world, such as Ferrán Adrià, Carme Ruscalleda and the Roca brothers. This spirit of fusion of the old and new also permeates the realm of the city’s confections, which hold a place of prominence in Barcelona for the centuries-old traditions they carry with them, and have been internationally recognized on numerous occasions. Barcelona also has a wide range of tapas and nightlife for every kind of taste and budget.

2. An unlimited cultural offer

Barcelona is considered one of the European capitals of culture. Epicentre of Spain’s modernist architecture, embodied in Antonio Gaudí, along its streets there are nine UNESCO world heritage sites; Each year it hosts more than 170 cultural festivals, some of which are world-famous (such as Sónar and Primavera Sound); It has a network of more than 30 city museums and offers a wide variety of leisure activities and entertainment year-round.

3. A Mediterranean climate with year-round sunshine

Barcelona’s climate, Mediterranean at its best, is characterised by warm temperatures in summer and mild temperatures in winter, with sunshine all year round. It’s an ideal place to practise outdoor sports and activities in city parks and on its 9 public beaches, all of which are equipped with the necessary services and equipment for you to be able to enjoy your favourite activities. If you dream of studying near the beach, and escaping to hike in the mountains during the holidays, Barcelona is an ideal place to disconnect and recharge your batteries for the week ahead.

4. Networking in Barcelona: discover a multicultural, diverse and cosmopolitan city

Barcelona is a pluri-dimensional city where people of diverse backgrounds, cultures and religious beliefs coexist. In fact, one in every five people who live in Barcelona is a foreigner. Students, entrepreneurs and artists alike live within the most emblematic neighbourhoods of the city. Much of this diversity also stems from the fact that Barcelona is an international tourist destination. On the other hand, the city is increasingly more aligned with the global eco friendly trend, making it easy for you to find a variety of sustainable mobility alternatives, as well as shops and markets offering organic products and fostering responsible consumption.

A city that never stops and offers countless networking opportunities thanks to its numerous events.

5. Top-tier business schools in Barcelona

The Catalan capital has become Spain’s principal destination for getting an MBA, as it’s home to prestigious business schools such as IESE, that occupy the top positions in rankings such as the Financial Times and The Economist’s, only out-ranked by schools with longer academic traditions. You will have at your disposal the highest calibre of formation when it comes to management and business administration, as well as an invaluable network and opportunities for career development.

Earning an MBA in Barcelona will allow you to take advantage of a prestigious formation offered by world-renowned schools, within a dynamic place known for its business innovation and with great networking opportunities. All of this, surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape.


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