Clubs & Activities: Social

Whisky and Cigar Club

Enjoy the good things life has to offer in the company of friends and charming people. We have no intention of limiting our members to savor only one type of beverage; on the contrary, we encourage our members to develop their taste buds with a variety of sophisticated nectars.

The cornerstone of our club is to share the knowledge and wisdom of each of our members – a collection of moments and life-long memories. We believe a fundamental right of society is to meet and share the stories we have acquired throughout our fascinating lives. Our meetings create perfect opportunities for everyone to share personal stories and discuss world affairs.

Whilst there are no rules as to how these get-togethers should be structured, we as a club, offer to smooth things out for our shy members and, for our more extroverted members, provide the right ambience to share their achievements whilst relishing a skillfully handcrafted item or aromatic bouquet.

We have the utmost respect for tradition, which is particularly important in this ever-changing world.

Club President:

  • Caio Zapata