Our Why: supporting entrepreneurs in building significant, purpose-driven companies.

Focus on the scaling phase and leadership development

  • Focus on scaleups - At the School of Founders, we focus on scaleups. We help founders scale their organizations from a few dozen to hundreds - and hopefully thousands of employees. Not because size matters, but because impact matters. Startups can never fulfill their ambitious dreams of changing the world, unless they scale.


  • Scale yourself - To scale your business, you must first scale yourself. The self-awareness and leadership skills of the entrepreneur are critical factors in successful scaling. And leadership development can only happen in a community like the SoF. It is individual work that you cannot do alone. We connect scaleup founders from Europe and beyond in a powerful, highly diverse community that builds bridges and fosters understanding.


  • Highly practical – The SoF's educational offering consists of highly interactive lectures, case discussions, workshops and confidential peer groups, all with ample time to apply frameworks and critical lessons to each business's unique situation. When our entrepreneurs are back in the office on Monday, they'll know what to do.
Foundations of Scaling (FoS)

Foundations of Scaling (FoS)

The FoS program supports founders transitioning from startup to scaleup with mission-critical knowledge. During the program, they share best practices and develop a powerful network of peers and mentors. The program provides the skills, knowledge and mindset needed to build a startup into a large, purpose-driven company.

  • Barcelona, Madrid, Munich
  • 9-months, part-time, face-to-face & online
  • English
  • For founder-led startups with 30 to 300 employees
Keep Scaling (KS)

Keep Scaling (KS)

Keep Scaling is an exclusive offering for graduates of the Foundations of Scaling program. Participants continue on their learning and development journey through interactive lectures, workshops, leadership retreats and deep work in intimate Peer Councils.

  • Barcelona, offsite retreat location
  • Three 2-day modules in October, January, and June
  • English
  • Eligible candidates must have successfully completed the Foundations of Scaling program
Built to Last (B2L)

Built to Last (B2L)

Even startup founders who are well into their scaling journey need feedback and support from world-class academics, successful entrepreneurs and international peers. We are currently developing a program that does just that. The program is designed for founders of companies with 300 to 3,000 employees.

If you are interested in learning how to build a large iconic firm together with brilliant peers, please reach out to us.

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