IESE MBA. What Will You Learn?

The IESE MBA is your deep dive into global business. Delivered over 15 or 19 months, it offers a breadth and depth of knowledge and the option to gain hands-on international business experience across five continents. You customize your learning with a choice of electives, internships, international modules and exchange programs. The MBA will have a profound and lasting impact on your career and on your future.

During the program, you will strengthen your management skills, interact with executives from leading international companies, position your personal brand and hone your decision-making abilities.

You spend your first year building essential competencies and knowledge. Over the summer and in year two, you determine your own trajectory with access to international modules and exchange programs across five continents.

Program Timelines and Curriculum.

The Executive Simulation EXSIM (TFM)

The Executive Simulation (EXSIM) program at IESE offers students a unique opportunity to live managerial situations with a corporate board, providing a real-life experience without the need to leave the classroom. Through interactive engagements with actual board members, including those from banks, trade unions, and corporate boards, participants gain valuable insights into board dynamics and enhance their ability to think on their feet.

EXSIM is a week-long course designed specifically for students enrolled in one of IESE’s MBA programs. Its primary aim is to create realistic managerial scenarios that enable students to acquire new knowledge through a hands-on approach to learning. Since these scenarios typically fall outside the scope of their current professional activities due to their relative youth, students learn by immersing themselves in anticipated work conditions.

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Top international faculty

The Case Method at IESE

In 1963, Harvard Business School formed an alliance with IESE Business School by adopting the famous case method learning methodology. Over the years, IESE professors began writing their own cases, making their own impact and becoming thought leaders in their own right. 

These are some examples of how the case method is applied in IESE: 

  • You will engage in dynamic discussions about the business challenges you face on a daily basis.
  • You will combine individual learning, team discussions and dialogue in an interdisciplinary plenary session.
  • The lecturer will facilitate and guide the debate, encouraging everyone’s participation to enrich the discussion with different points of view and experiences.

Read more about the case method and a few examples used in IESE classes of real cases from leading companies.

Global Leadership Series

Meet some of the global leaders who have helped shape the world of business and politics. Our keynote speakers include former prime ministers, vice presidents, CEOs and chairs of multinationals. You will have the opportunity to meet these leaders and discuss their experience personally with them.

MBA Case Competition

The IESE Experience

MBA Events.