“Africa is on top of the entrepreneurial wave, not behind it.”

Profs. Alejandro Lago and Africa Ariño share their road map to opportunities in Africa

Africa: A Road Map to Opportunities

The future is Africa, say IESE professors Africa Ariño and Alejandro Lago, based on teaching, consulting and a research sabbatical there. But macroeconomic indicators only tell one part of the story. To really know what's going on, you have to grasp grassroots realities. Be prepared to learn from local partners and communities, because "Africapitalism" puts a special focus on social stakeholders.

"If family life and social life isn't productive, in the long-term working life won't be productive either."

Prof. Mireia Las Heras at IESE's VI International Conference on Work and Family

Work and Family: Finding Balance as Technology Changes the Rules

Work-life balance is one of the defining labor issues of our time. Technology can enable flexible working practices while it can also blur the boundaries between the professional and personal. Finding balance has never been more complicated - or more potentially attainable. IESE's biannual International Conference of Work and Family features cutting edge research on today?s work practices.



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