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An ecosystem for new ventures, innovation and growth

At  IESE  we  define  entrepreneurship  as  the  ability  to  craft,  develop  and  grow  new  opportunities,  via  startup  projects  as well as within  already  existing  firms.  The  value  of  an  entrepreneurial  mindset  is  transmitted  through  all  our  programs’  curriculum.

However, entrepreneurship needs more than academic knowledge to flourish. That’s why we  also  have  developed a full ecosystem wherein  world-class  IESE  faculty,  successful  and  aspiring  entrepreneurs,  investors  and  other  business  leaders  are  brought  together. We  provide  the  advice,  networks  and  funding  necessary  to  bring  entrepreneurial  dreams  to  life.


Research Blog
  • The International Search Fund Conference is designed to introduce the funded search model to aspiring entrepreneurs and investors interested in a new entrepreneurial model. Once a year.
  • The Ernst & Young: Entrepreneur of the Year is an award given by Ernst & Young and IESE to recognise entrepreneurs that have run their businesses with excellence. Once a year.
  • The TEDxIESEBarcelona is a half-day speakers event about various ideas related to entrepreneurship and innovation. Once a year.
  • The Venture Capital Investment Competition hosts students from around the world to play the role of venture capitalists. Their decisions are justified to a panel of real VC judges. Once a year.
  • The Impact Investment Competition hosts MBA students to play the role of venture capitalists in the analysis of business plans from a range of social entrepreneurs. Once a year.
  • The Private Equity Investment Competition simulates a real-life private equity transaction, which involves negotiation and presentation. Once a year.
  • The Open Innovation Conference
  • The Alumni Learning Program is a selection of sessions by IESE professors about different topics such as entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Doing Good Doing Well is an international conference that aims to explore business opportunities in a more effective, sustainable and profitable way. Once a year.