Focused Programs

Focused Programs

Explore specific topics in-depth, in a short period of time. Focused Programs will dive deep into the most critical challenges you’re facing, and develop the leadership skills you need to overcome them.

· Barcelona, Madrid & Munich

· 2 days – 8 weeks (depending on the format)

· On campus, blended, live online and online

· English, Spanish

· Career stage: 7+ years of professional experience

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Industry Meetings

Industry Meetings

Through thought-provoking sessions with executives and academics and high-level networking, you’ll understand the present of your sector, and also help create its future. We have Industry Meetings for these areas:

·Real Estate
·Food & Beverage

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Other Programs

Public and Social Sector Programs

In a context that is volatile, complex and more uncertain than ever, elected officials and public-sector managers need to update their vision of the economy and society. IESE’s public-sector management programs offer the knowledge and tools these professionals need to carry out their functions with excellence, rigor, and spirit of service.

Choose one of our programs or contact us to learn how we can create a tailor-made program for your public-sector institution or agency.

School of Founders

IESE’s School of Founders (SoF) fosters the development of founders and their teams at fast-growing small and mid-sized companies. The SoF offers dedicated executive programs and other resources for founders of scale-ups. Through the IESE Founders Club, it will also provide an active community where international entrepreneurs can come together to learn and grow.

The first program offered as part of the School of Founders is Foundations of Scaling.

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