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The Fast Forward Program

As a business leader in a fast-paced, hypercompetitive market, you probably have little time during your day-to-day activities to explore global trends and their long-term impact on your organization. IESE’s Fast Forward Program will allow you to step back, gain perspective, and strategize for the future in an energizing and interactive learning forum.

From September 28 to October 2, 2015 you will spend five intense days on IESE’s Barcelona campus gaining vital insights into long-term socioeconomic currents and exploring the global trends and issues most relevant to your business. Return on investment is guaranteed since, far from a “one size fits all” approach, the program offers a customizable menu of tracks and sessions.

Who Should Attend

The Fast Forward Program benefits executives from all sectors and geographies. Management teams in particular are encouraged to attend to enhance team dynamics and exponentially boost the impact of the learning experience.

Fast Forward - Executives - Management Teams


The program offers four different session types encompassing topics that ensure both breadth and depth of content. Select sessions are held in parallel allowing for program customization. Plenary sessions feature IESE's dynamic and engaging faculty members presenting insights and key trends in four different business areas. Three parallel themed tracks span the program week. Each track centers on a business challenge that is critical to future competitiveness and approaches it from a multi-disciplinary perspective. At the end of each day a keynote speaker will challenge, motivate and inspire participants.

Date & Place

September 28 to October 2, 2015
IESE Business School
(North Campus)


Georgia Bertrán
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